Ha Giang is not only beautiful by the majestic scenery, the winding roads are endless, but also beautiful by the Flower and Love.

1/  Ha Giang tourism overview 

Ha Giang blooms all year round with wonderful colors such as Yellow Gold of Cabbage, Purple Heart of the Circuits, White of Plum Blossom. If you go to Dong Van market once, you will feel the precious Human Love, the guys who invite each other to Say Xn no longer know the way back, their faces are silly but honest, and affectionate.

Ha Giang

Only those who understand each other, each one of them ends up emptying the cups of Ngo wine.Ha Giang is so beautiful and so dangerous!

There are any roses that do not have thorns, beautiful beauty that can easily be conquered. The rare beauty of tourist spots in Ha Giang, you can stand top on this S-shaped strip of land. Once come to be surprised by the beauty of nature at the beginning of the country.

2/ The best time for traveling to Ha Giang

You can travel to Ha Giang no matter what season of the year because only the roads running in Cao Nguyen rocky mountain are attractive enough for you to visit. Some beautiful times of the year

January is the time of peach blossom, plum blossom, and yellow mustard flower

In spring, everywhere from Quan Ba (Quyet Tien, Minh Tan) and Yen Minh (Lao And Chai, Na Khe, Bach Dinh), Dong Van (Pho Bang, Pho Cao, Sung La, Sa Phin, Thai Phin Tung) , Meo Vac (Sung Tra, Sam left, Lung Phin have peach, plum, radish blooming along with the black stone foundation of the stone plateau, with the designs for walls.

Ha Giang

When traveling to Lai Chau in April, you can not miss out Khau Vai love market. Every year on March 27th of the lunar year from all the different roads on the high mountain, the people in their national costumes have chirped, bustling down the market, to participate in Khau Vai Love Market, every year. 

May is the season of pouring water. When the water season falls, most of the Northwestern fields in our country are dumped in May - June, and in a few places in July, some plots have water volume since April. But the most beautiful is still in the middle of transplanting from May to June.

The season of ripe rice usually starts at the end of September and early October of the calendar. When terraced fields turn yellow with the rice season, the magnificent scenery of the mountains once more is renewed.

November is a time of the flower triangle circuit season. Triangle circuit is the typical flower of Ha Giang stone plateau with tiny flowers and pink-pink felt that captures flower lovers and takes photos. Ha Giang land with gray color of mountain rock and pink color of triangular flower circuit.

If you want to admire snowfall, you should spend time to visit Lai Chau in December. In the area of Meo Vac district, Dong Van stone plateau, many places with snow and white sky at the end of December, curious visitors from many places were lucky to enjoy the unique scenery of the year.

3/ Best means for transferring to Ha Giang

From Hanoi, you should take the Hanoi-Ha Giang night bus from My Dinh bus station at 9 pm and to 5 am will arrive in Ha Giang including high-class bed car, contact booking by phone. Some Prestigious garages are Bang Phan, Hung Thanh, Hai Van and etc. Price for transfer is from 260.000VND- 300.000VND/person. 

From Saigon, the base now runs in Hanoi to book air tickets from Saigon to Hanoi. Pick up the point of the car is more than 1km from Noi Bai airport located right at the turn at Highway 2 - Hanoi to Ha Giang. After arriving in Ha Giang, taking local buses to move between places or rent motorbikes to move.