Lai Chau is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam with a lot of famous places to see. Therefore, the post will introduce the necessary information about the province.

1/ Best time for traveling to Lai Chau

If you want to visit Lai Chau, please come here around September and October every year because this is the time when Lai Chau has a mild climate suitable for most travel. According to safe Lai Chau experience, you should not come here in the rainy season because the climate is extremely harsh, the road is slippery and there may be storms and hail appear during the season.

Lai Chau

2/ Best means for transferring

- Passenger cars: From Hanoi to Lai Chau, there are many passenger cars that you can choose from, these buses mainly come from My Dinh and some come from Giap Bat bus station. The stop in Lai Chau from Hanoi is Than Uyen, Dao San, Muong So, Muong Te, Sìn Ho, and Pa Ha districts. This is also the place for you to catch the car from Lai Chau to Hanoi after your journey to discover Lai Chau.

- Motorcycles: Motorbikes are the most suitable for Lai Chau self-sufficient tourism. However, there is no motorbike rental service in Lai Chau, so if you can travel by motorbike then you will be much more active. In case you want to rent a motorbike, instead of taking a bus to Lai Chau, you should catch a bus to Sapa and rent a motorbike in Sa Pa to Lai Chau.

3/ Best place for staying

Lai Chau currently has nearly 100 hotels, motels, and accommodation facilities for tourists staying overnight at quite cheap prices. You can find motels in Lai Chau City on the routes Tran Phu, Le Duan, Tran Hung Dao, 30/4 street. These motel hotels are of relative quality, enough for you to have a place to stay overnight in Lai Chau. The best quality hotel in Lai Chau is Muong Thanh Lai Chau Hotel at 113 Le Duan Street, Tan Phong Ward, Lai Chau City for about $ 30 a night, including breakfast.

Lai Chau

4/ Must- see destinations in Lai Chau

Coming to Lai Chau, you are coming to a land of mountains and forests in the Northwest but also full of mystery. Your Lai Chau bush travel experience will be the recuperation of cloud-covered mountains, uncovering wild streams, waterfalls, and caves that are still mysterious.

- Tac Tinh Waterfall - an ideal destination in Lai Chau

Address: Tam Duong town, Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province

Tac Tinh Waterfall is known as a natural mother providing abundant and fresh water for people in Tam Duong district. Every time the rainy season comes, the water from the top of Hoang Lien Son Mountain returns to make the image of Tac Tinh waterfall. It creates full of life with the flowing water pouring down into the lake which looks like a white silk strip reaching its waterfall. In the dry season, instead of rushing images, Tac Tinh waterfall put on a pure and gentle shirt. You can drink water directly from the waterfall or take a bath at the foot of the waterfall to clean up all your anxiety sessions.

5/ Famous traditional festival in Lai Chau

Lai Chau is a border province with many different ethnic groups, so there are many festivals every year in Lai Chau:

• Dua Cao festival of Mong people: 2nd - 4th of the first lunar month

• Le Loi temple festival: 12/1 lunar calendar

• Tien Son dynamic cultural festival: 14-15 lunar month

• Tet Ngo "La La Long" of Cong people: starting from the sixth lunar month and lasting for about 3-4 days

• Then Kin Pang Festival of the White Tai: takes place on March 10 of the lunar calendar

Hope that after the post, tourists will have the full and necessary information about Lai Chau.