A Trip to Halong Bay from Sapa

If there raises a question “Which place has the most miraculous beauty in Vietnam?”, it would be Halong Bay – a wonder of the world which was described as “a flower basket floating in the waves of the mother” (Nguyen Tuan poet). Halong Bay is the combination of water, stone and the sky, creating a wonderful landscape for the North Vietnam.

After a trip to the forest, if you want to go to the sea, a Halong Bay Tour will be a special tour for you in this summer, in which you can involve not only in the sunny beach but also in the system of the most beautiful caves and grottos in Vietnam and also in the world. In this article, we will direct travelers how to get Halong Bay from Sapa.

Time To Travel

Summer is probably the best time to go to Halong, when the weather is extremely pleasant. Tourists are fascinated to visit Halong in this time to immerse themselves in the blue beach with the long sand, to admire the mysterious caves in the underground of the limestone mountains. However, you should not go there in period from June to July, because in this time, there will be rain and storms striking to the Gulf of Tonkin and Halong Bay. If you have to do some work here in this period, be careful and check all the information about the weather, schedules before going.

Way To Travel

For the way to experience Halong Bay travel from Sapa, tourists can choose to book a tour of the travel agencies, or decide to make a self-sufficient journey. If travelers book tour, they do not need to prepare anything and to plan as well, because all the schedule is accomplished by the company. All they need to do is reading the schedule and enjoying it.

However, booking tour will be costly and restrict some destinations that tourists may want to visit. If visitors want to be able to encounter all the destinations more, they should do a clear and detailed plan for the trip. Foremost, they need to find the ways to get Halong Bay that is suitable for their health, finance and time. There are 2 ways for tourists to accomplish the trip: by motorbike or by coach.

By Motorbike

The distance from Sapa to Halong City is quite far with nearly 370 kilometers. Hence, choosing motorbike to make the trip will require travelers lots of physical health and preparation. Especially, the roads in Sapa are also rugged, winding with a variety of cliffs. In return, the travelers will be more independent in their trip, having a closer look at every place along the way, and taste the specialties in these places.

TIP: Because the way from Sapa town to Halong city will pass through Hanoi, tourists should spend 1-2 days dropping by Hanoi to rest and visit the popular destinations of the capital of Vietnam before continuing the trip. This is the advantage of making a self-sufficient trip that visitors cannot have when traveling with a tour guided. When checking in Hanoi, remember to try the best experience in the famous ancient city.

By Coach

Since there is no train station in Sapa, traveling by car is the most appropriate means for tourists to overcome 8-hour sleep in the way to the destination. For the time being, Phuc Xuyen is the only name that goes straight from Sapa to Halong without stopping in Hanoi. Tourists do not need to change the routes during their journey. Consequently, choosing a car as a mean of transportation avoids wasting of time and money, and it is very safe as well. The average price for travelers is approximately VND 400,000 for the high standard car and VND 370,000 for Phuc Xuyen agency. Departure time is available all day that travelers can flexibly and easily book ticket at their convenient time.

TIP: If you plan to travel with your family in the festive season or on holidays, you should book the ticket from early in case the number of tourists going there may be very large and searching for ticket will cost you much efforts. If it runs out of ticket, you might want to book in advance the tour guided by travel companies.Halong Bay Tours will provide the best experience for any customers in anytime they demand.

A Halong Bay travel from Sapa will be one of the unforgettable experiences for tourists when visiting Vietnam. Therefore, do not miss the things to do when coming to Halong this summer with your beloved ones. If this is helpful for you, please like and share with the others. Thank you for your attention.