Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham Lake

Ba Ham lake is located on Dau Be island in Lan Ha bay, in the middle of a narrow sea basin surrounded by high mountains, creating a beautiful natural scenery.

Ba Ham lake is located in the southwest of Halong Bay. It is about 25 kilometers far from Bai Chay tourist wharf.

Visiting Ba Ham lake

It is one of three triangular peaks belonging to the absolute protection zone of Halong Bay World Natural Heritage. Ba Ham consists of three large lakes connected by three cave gates (tunnels). Hence it is called Ba Ham (Three-Tunnel) lake.

Ba Ham still retains its mysterious and untouched beauty due to no human impact or existing construction works. Compared to the sights on Halong Bay, visitors who want to discover the beauty of Ba Ham lake can only use a bamboo boat or kayak and have to choose when the tide comes down to row through the cave to get into the lake.

The road to the first lake is a cave about 150m long and 10m wide. The ceiling of the highest location is about 1.5-2m high. The second lake is about 60m long. It has the largest area of the ​​three lakes, ​​approximately 1,000m2. Also from the first lake, going through an underground cave in the left about 60m long, you can see the third lake with an area of around 600m2.

You can only reach the lake by kayak or rowboat

You can only reach the lake by kayak or rowboat

What does Ba Ham have?

Ba Ham lake comprises three round pits linked with each other by a narrow and dark tunnel. The tunnel’s ceiling has a height ranging from 4 – 5 meters. Thus, the only way to access the lake is by a local sampan. Sailing through the tunnel, tourists can see a variety of stalactites in strange shapes hung down from the ceiling.

The pits inside are enclosed by vertical limestone mountains. On these mountains is the residence of many species such as orchids, benjamin figs, banyans, and cycads.

There, tourists can also have a chance to admire endemic animals of Halong bay like golden monkeys, flying squirrels, silver-headed parrots, bats, and butterflies. Ba Ham lake is an excellent site on Halong Bay where remains untouched natural scenery and unique ecological environment.

The river is deep yet so clear that one can see shoals of fish swimming. Some 100m from the entrance, one finds a shaft of light coming from the roof of the tunnel, which reveals different kinds of orchids clinging to the cliff, cycads growing here and there, Truc Doi Ga (a type of reed with cock’s tail-liked yellow leaves) flourishing in clumps.

The scenery in Ba Ham lake

The scenery in Ba Ham lake

In the southeast cliff of the second tunnel, there grows an old carambola tree, which bears fruits all year round. Tourists can find groups of animals gathering in its branches. Lying one cliff away from the second one, the third tunnel is home to various species of bats and butterflies.

On your Halong bay tours through the tunnel, you will be irresistibly drawn to a cluster of spectacular and colorful stalactites hanging from the ceiling in a myriad of distinctive shapes. Any noises from outside can hardly penetrate Ba Ham lake thanks to its location and topographical features. The silence is just interrupted by the faint sound from the boat’s oar.

The natural scene that you see from the boat sailing around the lake is the perfect combination of the clear emerald water, the bright sky and various forms of rocks. The deeper you go into the tunnel, the darker it becomes. However, there is still light enough for you to admire beautiful things inside. The water is deep yet so clear that, if fortunate, you can come across several schools of fish swimming.

Ba Ham lake is one of the tourist attractions routes when coming to Halong. Ba Ham lake - Dau Be island is also one of the ideal night rest spots for overnight cruises, an eco-tour that attracts tourists all over the world. If you need further information about Halong Bay cruise night or beautiful beaches in Halong, don’t hesitate to let us know or visit our website. Please like and share if the article is useful for you. Thank you.