Top 3 fascinating tourist spots in Halong city (Editor’s choice)

Top 3 fascinating tourist spots in Halong city (Editor’s choice)

Besides the rich and majestic nature of Halong bay, Halong city also attracts a number of travelers to visit like many other entertaining tourist cities in Vietnam.

Dragon Park

Dragon Park in Halong is the largest theme park in Southeast Asia with nearly 40 hectares, only 140 kilometers from Hanoi with 3-4 hours of driving. Dragon Park belongs to the Sunworld Halong Park recreational complex. It can be said that the park is a world-class amusement park with a lot of exciting and fascinating new games like never before in Vietnam which have been checked very strictly to assure guests’ safety.

The games at Dragon Park are designed to be suitable for many ages from children, teenagers to adults so that everyone coming to the park can find their passion and interest as well. There are nearly 30 games of all genres, from super adventurous games which bring the feeling conquering the world like "Flying dragon", "Raging rhinoceros", and "Following the dragon footprint" to the games which are familiar and attached to childhood such as "Magic wheel" or "Fairy train", etc. If you are not confident enough to enjoy the thrilling games, don’t worry because there are many lighter games yet fun for you to try.

Top 3 fansinating spots in Halong

Dragon Park 

Not only offering the funny games, Dragon Park also makes those who love to take photos excited with the countless "check-in" corners. Especially, after the fun of the journey in the park, Dragon Park will provide visitors with the unique and delicious food bringing the flavor of the sea in Halong bay in the restaurant system of the park.

Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh museum is located in a cluster of museums and libraries in Hong Hai ward, Halong city, on the banks of Halong bay - a natural wonder of the world. This is considered a perfect cultural work and is a sustainable point of Halong tourism.

Quang Ninh Museum - Library is a unique architectural artistic idea from coal - a characteristic mineral of Quang Ninh province. From the very high stairs to the dark glass as a giant mirror reflecting the image of the sky in Halong with the font of the museum name written on the wall, it is enough to capture a dozen of virtual photos for yourself.

Top 3 fascinating tourist spots in Halong city (Editor’s choice)

The historical images in Quang Ninh museum (

As soon as stepping into the ground floor of the museum block, visitors will admire the whale skeleton and sailboat models. The first floor displays columns showing the process of geological formation, marine life and ecosystems, endemic plants and animals, and insect species. The second floor displays the historical relics from prehistory to modern, anti-French and anti-American periods. On the third floor is the opening model of the coal mine with images of the whole history of coal mining from the past, and the image of Uncle Ho to visit and work in Quang Ninh, etc.

The modern layout and design with the highlighting dark and bright colors make the museum not boring but extremely attractive. The space in the museum is so beautiful, bright, and spacious. It will definitely give you the wonderful memory in Quang Ninh sea area.

Queen’s Cable Car and Sun Wheel

Top 3 fascinating tourist spots in Halong city (Editor’s choice)

Admire the beautiful Halong from the cable car

The 230-seat Queen's cable car system and the Sun Wheel are all the attractions of Halong that everyone should not miss.

The Queen’s cable car crosses the gate of Cua Luc bay, connecting Bai Chay beach and Ba Deo (Hon Gai island, Halong city). This cable car has received two Guinness records including the cabin having the largest capacity in the world which reaches 230 people/cabin and the cable car system having the highest cable tower in the world, of which the T1 cable tower (Bai Chay ward) is 188.88 meters high. Tourists will have a chance to visit Halong bay by cable car and be overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery of Halong bay from aerial view when "floating in the air".

Located on the top of Ba Deo hills, the Sun Wheel of Quang Ninh is the second largest in Vietnam and also one of the largest ones in the world designed with the leading technology from Japan. The Sun Wheel has 64 cabins, frequency of 20 minutes/turn, and capacity of 1,200 passengers/hour. In here, travelers can watch Halong bay from the height of 215 meters above the sea level. The shining lights from the Sun Wheel along with the lighting system of Bai Chay bridge become a special highlight for the city of Halong at night.

Top 3 fascinating tourist spots in Halong city (Editor’s choice)

Tourists can enjoy many fascinating games in Dragon Park (

It's time for you to start planning your next trip to Halong city. There are a lot of fun activities that you can experience to perfect your trip besides the impressive natural scenery. If you want to know what to see in Halong day tour, feel free to contact us and don’t hesitate to like and share this with your friends. Hope you will have an unforgettable vacation here. Thank you.