Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Quang Ninh province from hundreds of years ago has expanded its name to the world and become one destination attracting a huge amount of travelers every year thanks to the gorgeous and unique landscapes in Halong Bay. In this article, we will provide you some guides to consider when visiting 7 famous beautiful beaches in Halong Bay in this summer.

Tuan Chau beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Tuan Chau sandy beach

The beach on Tuan Chau Island is an artificial beach but equally beautiful as other natural beaches with the sand stretching 2 kilometers. This is a beach you cannot ignore when traveling to Halong Bay. Tuan Chau attracts a lot of visitors, especially in the summer.

There are many activities on the sea to attract tourists such as hot air balloon, kite surfing or canoe around Tuan Chau island. The beach also has a dining area, bar, and coffee for visitors after bathing time. Tuan Chau beach is considered as the most beautiful beach in Halong city. The ideal time to swim in Tuan Chau is afternoon when the light of the sun does not affect health and visitors have the opportunity to watch the beautiful sunset in Halong.

Tuan Chau beach is also equipped with diverse high-end services to meet the needs of visitors. Freshwater bath, tents, rescue staff will ensure the safety of visitors when playing on the sea. This is the only beach in Ha Long has an automated bathing system. The price for the beach is VND 40,000/person.

Ti Top beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

The beauty of the early dawn in Ti Top beach

The beach is located on Ti Top island of Halong Bay, about 14 kilometers from Bai Chay port. It is a small sandy beach but extremely clear, airy and quiet, and suitable for tourists to enjoy their relax moment on a vacation. Especially, the water is clean and green, and the landscape is gorgeous with blue sky and soft clouds. In here, visitors can climb to the top of the mountain to see the whole beautiful island. From above, Ti Top beach is shaped like a full moon embracing the island. Perhaps thanks to these prominent advantages, Ti Top always attracts a lot of tourists to visit, especially international ones. In summer, every day there are dozens of tour ships visiting the island.

The sand here is washed white by the tide all the four seasons of the year. In the late 19th century, the island was named Cat Nang (or Sandy Lady). On November 22, 1962, President Ho Chi Minh and the astronaut of the Soviet Union, Gherman Titov visited the island. To commemorate that trip, the President named the island as Ti Top island.

To meet the needs of tourists, now the travel services on Ti Top island are relatively completed, providing guests with the best things such as bar, souvenir shop, rental of swimsuit, swimming float, water motor, parachute, and kayak.

Ngoc Vung beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Experiencing the life in fishing villages

Ngoc Vung is listed in top beautiful beaches in Halong because it is ideal for those who like an immense beach, which is not polluted as other beaches. With the beauty of nature, tranquility, and romance, Ngoc Vung beach attracts remarkably visitors to bathe, participate in recreational activities on the sea and especially explore the life of fishermen in the fishing villages.

Ngoc Vung is also well-known for its historical sites. The island is about 12 kilometers square wide and it has residents with the old port Cong Yen, which used to be under the ancient Van Don trading port system from the 11th century, and it also has the ancient monuments of the Mac and the Nguyen Dynasties.

Quan Lan beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Beautiful and pristine Quan Lan beach

This beach is located on Quan Lan island in Bai Tu Long Bay, between Minh Chau and Quan Lan communes which belong to Van Don district, approximately 55 kilometers from Halong city. This is a beautiful and unspoiled beach with the majestic wilderness that the ecological environment is not polluted.

The blue water, big waves, and white sand stretch to several kilometers. Tens of meters away from the water's edge is the wild green pineapples, making the beach seem more pristine.

Currently, many organizations have invested in building a system of hotels hidden in the green casuarina in the style of stilt house with a red brick road welcoming visitors from the main road of the commune to Quan Lan beach. The pristine beauty and ecological environment become factors attracting tourists to visit Quan Lan beach.

Minh Chau beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Minh Chau - Pearl island of Van Don district (

As beautiful as its name, Minh Chau beach - a bright pearl - is a white sandy beach that engagingly attracts a number of tourists when visiting Halong. The beach is 15 kilometers away from Quan Lan beach, so after a tour in Quan Lan, tourists can spend their leisure time on camping, junket and stay overnight in the quiet and beautiful beach. Visitors also have a chance to bathe and enjoy the special taste of the seafood in the most luxurious restaurants here.

Three Peaches beach

Top 7 beaches you cannot ignore in Halong Bay this summer

Kayaking in Three Peaches beach (

This is an exceedingly special and beautiful beach of Halong Bay with white sand and clear blue water. From the cruise ship port, it will take tourists about 10 hours of canoeing to Three Peaches beach. The name is so weird because there are three areas of sand shaping arches that embraces the island, and the island is like the three peaches seen from a distance.

On sunny days, visitors can look through the bottom of the water. Compared with other beaches in Halong Bay, Three Peaches beach has more shallow water. Because the surrounding area is rocky, the beach is quite airy and safe. The cliffs on the beach create exotic shapes that make visitors very fascinated to come here to take a picture of this beautiful scenery. Moreover, the mountain has a variety of plants, including wildflowers with vibrant colors, creating a lively and natural landscape. However, visitors do not always have a chance to admire and enjoy this beautiful beach, because the high tide will drown the entire sandy area, and the average time to bathe is only 2-3 hours per day. Therefore, if tourists want to bathe, they should thoroughly find out the water calendar in advance.

Chay beach

top 7 beautiful beaches in halong

Chay beach

It is an exceptionally crowded artificial beach located in the center, close to the shore of Halong Bay. Bai Chay has a sandy beach expanding about 500-meter length and 100-meter width, suitable for a lot of recreational activities.

Around the beach area, there is a system of trees and tents which create a lively landscape for the beach. Especially, services such as fresh water, refreshments, parking fees, etc to serve tourists are relatively cheaper than other Halong Bay attractions. Besides, Chay beach is equipped with several convenient services such as free wi-fi, the Ocean Bar serving fast foods, drinks for visitors, the recliner chairs for visitors to watch the sea at twilight or to read the favorite books in the peaceful and airy sea space.

Halong Bay is a travel destination you should go once in your lifetime. Thanks to beautiful and distinct beaches in Halong, you will have options to choose to spend your summer with family and friends. If you need more information to have a Halong Bay Vietnam tour, don’t hesitate to contact us. Please like and share if it is helpful for you. Thank you.