Trong Mai Islet- The Symbol Of Halong Tourism

Trong Mai Islet- The Symbol Of Halong Tourism

Trong Mai islet is not only a beautiful islet with its specific shape in Halong Bay but also a symbol of Halong as well as Vietnam tourism. It is one of the most well-known islets among thousand islets in Halong Bay that you can visit the islet via Halong cruise or Halong Bay with kayak trip.

Overview of Trong Mai islet

Halong Bay is not a strange name in Vietnam tourism map, this attraction has long been famous for numerous caves, grottoes, and breathtaking natural landscapes and is a pride of Vietnamese people with the international friends. Halong Bay is a collection of thousands of small islands in shapes and sizes, and one of the most stunning natural islands in the bay that tourists have to visit is Trong Mai islet. This is one of the famous islets in the bay and chosen as a symbol of Halong tourism. It is off the coast about 5 km from the pier, Trong Mai islet, also known as Fighting Cock islet includes 2 small rocks located in the southwest of Halong Bay. The shape of Trong Mai islet is like 2 chickens unfurling wings fighting each other, so just going through Dinh Huong grotto about 1 km, you can admire Trong Mai islet appearing above the immense blue seawater. It is recommended for you to visit this islet in the late afternoon because the dawn is considered the most gorgeous moment when the glow covers huge rocks together amid the vast sea.

Trong Mai Islet- The Symbol Of Halong Tourism

Trong Mai Islets

The beauty of Trong Mai islet

Going to Halong Bay, tourists seem to fall in love with the mystical beauty with natural wonders and exciting ecosystem at the first sight. Halong Bay is not only a natural attraction but also a unique cultural heritage, it is home to Halong culture in the thousand years ago, where the human traces and their working tools still scatter in the caves and under the sea. The geology of Halong Bay is divided into two major types, namely limestone islands and schist islands, which mainly concentrates in the eastern and western regions of the bay.

According to the locals, Trong Mai islet is named by fishermen based on the shape of the island. Standing among the blue tranquil water sea, the islet is like two chickens with a rooster and a hen are hitting each other. The height of each one is up to 10 meters, grows up from the bottom of the deep blue water with small feet, it seems like with only a few strong waves, the giant body of two rocky chickens can be collapsed anytime. However, for millions of years have passed, the two chickens still are together inseparably as challenge time.

The name "Trong Mai" means male and female in Vietnamese, so it conjures up the image of the love and cohesion of the couple. Because of its special shape, people enclose it with the romantic legend of a faithful relationship. So, Trong Mai islet is a symbol of the desire for happiness and the desire to have this thing of ancient people.

Other islets in Halong Bay

Con Coc islet

Con Coc islet is about 12 kilometers from the southeast of Halong Bay. From the far distance, the islet looks like a big toad which is waiting for the rain as in an old Vietnamese story.

According to a story of Vietnamese people, once upon a time when the sky and earth still connected together, the Jade Emperor forgot making rain and the ground became serious drought which threatens the life of all species. A brave toad led a group of animals to meet the Jade Emperor and asked him for a rain. Thereafter, when the toad grinds its teeth together, it means it is going to rain.

Trong Mai Islet- The Symbol Of Halong Tourism

Con Coc islet

Cho Da islet

In the itinerary of Thien Cung – Dau Go – Ti Top, you can go to witness Cho Da islet after visiting Thien Cung and Dau Go. The islet is only about 8 meters high with the shape is like a dog sitting its back to the sea.

Yen Ngua islet

Yen Ngua islet is located in the center of Halong Bay which is created by two pieces of stone, one high and one lower. It looks like a giant saddle. The islet is 10 m above the sea surface.

The image of Trong Mai islet is not strange with people who love traveling to Vietnam. Due to the extraordinary values in term of aesthetics, Trong Mai islet has become a muse of the artists on photography, painting, and poetry. Besides that, Trong Mai islet also is one of the symbols of love, which is associated with an old Vietnamese story. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Halong Bay tour deals. Thank you!