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Best places to visit in Halong Bay

Being a UNESCO World Heritage site, HalongBay attracts the visitors with the picturesque natural landscapes and the amazing tourist activities. It’s no surprise that Halong Bay is always on the bucket list of any authentic travelers. If you are still confused about where to go to in Halong Bay, this article may help you. Here is our suggestion for the best places to visit in Halong Bay.

Bai Tu Long bay (via

Bai Tu Long Bay

According to myth, millions of years ago when Vietnam was invaded, the Jade Emperor asked the Mother Dragon and her child to assist the people in the fight against the invaders. After winning, the dragons did not decide to return to the fairyland but stay on earth. Where the Mother Dragon descended is called Halong Bay now, while where the Young Dragon descended is the present Bai Tu Long Bay. A survey from the customers of the UK ecotourism company Gecko Travel listed Bai Tu Long in the “top five” of the best tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Being the lesser-known but fairly as beautiful as the neighbour of the world-famous heritage, Bai Tu Long Bay which is mostly inhabited holds the imprints of thousand-year Halong culture. Bai Tu Long still remains it untouched charming beauty through the wild limestone islands and islets with pristine beaches. The rich ecological zone stretching over 100 ha, Bai Tu Long owns the picturesque beaches with white powdery sand and the emerald seawater. One distinctive island of Bai Tu Long Bay is Ba Mun Island. Being composed of schist, gravel and sand, only Ba Mun is not limestone in the complex of Bai Tu Long. Being a narrow strip of land, Ba Mun is 18 kilometers in length and 1 kilometers in width on average.

Lan Ha bay

Taking a boat ride to Lan Ha bay, you will witness unique islets along with small beaches. The forms of the islets are diverse, basing on visitors' imagination. Its name is named after its shape such as Guoc islet (Wooden Shoe islet), Doi islet ( Bat grotto), etc.Lan Ha Bay owns around 139 lovely sandy beaches, especially many sandy beaches are located between two stone mountains. Since this pristine bay is called “Kayaking Paradise”, you shouldn’t miss this amazing experience . Moreover, trekking, rock climbing, deep water bouldering swimming, having the sunbath or having a picnic lunch on the beach are also suggested. Especially, in some large beaches, some bungalows are available. You can stay overnight there and enjoy the feeling of mixing with the ocean fully.

Sung Sot cave

Sung Sot cave is considered to be the most primitive and beautiful grotto in Halong Bay. According to the residential, the cave is named Sung Sot (means “Surprise” in Vietnamese) since the visitors are flabbergasted when contemplating the lively formations in the scene that the light is reflected from the flowing water. There are lots of stalactites hanging from the high ceiling in all shapes and forms. The mouth of the grotto is the home to thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, with the assistance of the lighting system, creating the exceptionally flawless beauty. Once you have contemplated these fanciful creatures, they will surely touch your heart. At the deepest position of the cave is the “royal garden” which attracts the viewers with the spectacular mountain landscape is the home to many birds and plants. On the great days, if you are lucky enough, you can see groups of monkey come here and search for fruit.

Thien Cung Cave

Thien Cung cave (via

Located on the Southwest side of Halong Bay, this superb grotto has an interesting history. Thien Cung means Heavenly Palace in Vietnamese. According to the myth, it was the ancient living place of the Dragon King and his bride, May. They organized a spectacular wedding at the center of the cave, with the attendance of various guests including gods, genies, dragons and fairies. Now the images of these guests are believed to occur among the stalactites and stalagmites in the cavernous halls. During this time, the Dragon King would fly out among the islands, to help the locals with their work and protect them from the invaders. When their 100 children grew up, May took half to discover new areas of Vietnam, creating villages while the Dragon King and the other half of the child remained to stay here and continued their roles as guardians and rulers. The visitors will be amazed to contemplate the animated and splendid beauty of stalactite. On the east wall of the cave, there is an imposing picture with the presence of folktale characters.

Ba Ham lake

Located on the Southwest of Ha Long Bay, Ba Ham Lake is situated in the center of a narrow rectangular zone. Its all four sides are hemmed by vertical cliffs. The lake is a system that consists of three wide round pits, connecting together by a narrow winding tunnel. Stalactites hang from the ceiling have various unique forms and colors. This is the home to many floral species such as orchids, Benjamin figs, cycads or banyans, which blossom across the year. It is also the residence of flying squirrels, yellow-haired monkeys, birds and bats. The animated shrimp and fish can be found under the surface of the crystalline blue water.

Co To island

Co To island (via

Situated 80 kilometers from the mainland, Co To is one of the farthest inhabited islands in Vietnam. With the untouched flawless beauty, Co To island evokes the sense of appealing authenticity and isolation. This aesthetic tropical beach owns a wonderful shore with smooth white sands and crystalline turquoise water, along with the tropical forests. Reach the lighthouse, you take the chance to enjoy Co To’s tranquil scenery. The best way to discover Co To is to explore by self-drive bicycle. Let’s go to Co To and fill your mind with the breath of the ocean.

You are a sea lover? You are searching for a place to start your sea exploration you have wished for a long time? Halong Bay is for you. Let’s visit Bai Tu Long Bay, Lan Ha bay, Sung Sot cave, Thien Cung cave, Ba Ham lake and Co To island. We bet you will have a memorable trip during your life. Do not hesitate to take Halong tours right now. Halong is waiting for you.