6 tips to know for a good Halong Bay trip

Coming to Halong Bay, you should probably refer to these tips, in order to have a wonderful cruise trip in Halong Bay. Knowing this information might be crucial, because it gives you instructions on how to spend your time, or where to go in Halong Bay right now.

1. Spend at least two nights on the Bay

If you only spend a day to tour Ha Long Bay you just feel the surface of this beautiful land. With only a day, you can just glance through some caves and back out immediately. But if you spend more time exploring here, you will have a really enjoyable experience. Once you have traveled a long way, your trip will be more valuable if you spend two nights on the Bay.

2. Visit Cat Ba island

Another reason you should spend at least two nights here: you can visit Cat Ba island. Marry especially enjoyed the time on this beautiful island. We had a free afternoon wandering the fortress, the most popular part of the trip. The scenery is breathtaking! If you do not like walking, you can rent a motorcycle or spend the afternoon by the beach.

Cat Ba island is the best destination for your Halong Day Tour.

3. Know the safety information on the boat

Hope this is not a problem of the trip but I heard about the accident a few years ago that killed 12 people. Since then, I have firmly believed that all boats have an escape hammer placed next to their bed. Make sure you know where the lifejacket is located so that it can be picked up when needed. And with a little caution when taking a kayak, do not change your route on your own!

4. Climbing

If possible, conquer a mountain here. The view from the top of the mountain so majestic you can not imagine it! If you are in Cat Ba Island or Bai Tu Long Bay, do not miss the opportunity to climb the rocky mountains. I wish I had more time to conquer some more mountain peaks.

If you are in Halong Bay tours one night, consider climbing at least once or twice depends on your time.

5. Talk to the guides

Most guides in Halong Bay speak English quite well. Taking this opportunity, we talked with them about the lives of the Vietnamese people, from families, from education to daily life, and we know a lot more. Talking with the locals throughout the journey is also a good way to learn about a new culture.

6. Some beautiful locations in Halong Bay

Fishing villages on the bay

The coastal fishing villages in Ha Long, such as Vung Vieng fishing village, Cua Van fishing village, Ba Hang fishing village ... are not only an interesting stop, but also a favorite spot for tourists.

Beautiful caves on Halong Bay

Ha Long Bay is more tourists such as the painting of nature, created for a perfect beauty. And in the water painting that, in addition to "water and rock" as many people often say, the place is also famous for the beautiful and unique caves such as Sung Sot cave, Dau Go cave, Tam Cung cave ....

Taking photos on the cruise

Traditional Halong cruises around Halong Bay are popular with tourists. With impressive architecture and exquisite decor, Halong Cruise is always the place to give visitors the opportunity to "come out" many impressive photos.


Currently, besides the usual means of transport, Ha Long Bay tourists from Hanoi also have new options with the modern and luxury seaplane of Hai Au Airline.

Airplanes with 2 seats for pilots, 12 seats for passengers and spacious windows, not only help you save time traveling, but also help you to enjoy the beautiful view from the plane, also it records the memorable moments of Halong Bay from 150 to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Take the 'two-floors bus’ cable car

On 25/6, Ha Long cable car system was inaugurated and put into operation after 2 years of construction. The project is located in a complex of entertainment projects worth 6,000 billion VND stretching along Bai Chay beach to Ba Deo Hill (Hon Gai).

The cabin of the cable car will come from the first point in Bai Chay Ward (Ha Long City), running from Cua Luc Bay to the top of Ba Deo Hill (Hong Gai Ward). Photo: Zing.vn

The cabin of the cable car will come from the first point in Bai Chay Ward (Ha Long City), running from Cua Luc Bay to the top of Ba Deo Hill (Hong Gai Ward). Photo: Zing.vn

The tower at the head of Bai Chay was built 188.8 m high, set a record as the tallest tower in the world. The tower at Ba Deo Hill is 133 m high. The cable car system has only two cabins, such as a giant double-decker bus with a capacity of 230 people per cabin. Inside the cabin large cabin with seats, handles, rails so the guest are surrounded by large glass windows to help you see the entire Ha Long Bay from above.

Hopefully you will be able to have a blast in Halong Bay this 2018!

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Hope you enjoy your time in Halong Bay, and see you again in Halong Bay soon.