Experience an interesting trekking tour in Cat Ba National Park

Experience an interesting trekking tour in Cat Ba National Park

The trekking trail from Cat Ba National Park to Viet Hai village is a favorite tourist spot of Hai Phong, especially for foreigners with many exciting things awaiting.

Coming to Cat Ba tourist spot, visitors can experience the plentiful tourism activities from the sea to the forest. Cat Ba island is where the sea meets the forest, creating a rich natural complex with the rare flora and fauna — trekking through Cat Ba National Park more and more attractive to both domestic and foreign tourists in the region. Cat Ba National Park is located on Cat Ba island, Cat Hai district, Haiphong city and 60 kilometers from the center of the city. It is an indispensable trekking spot for young enthusiasts who love to explore nature.

Best time for a trekking tour in Cat Ba National Park

Visitors can choose the suitable time for Halong bay tour to go trekking in Cat Ba National Park from April to October. During these months, travelers can experience the full range of exciting activities from climbing to mountains to exploring the rich natural ecosystem.

To explore and understand the fauna and flora resources of different types of forest in Cat Ba National Park, from the center of the park, visitors can choose one of the following routes: Frog pond - Viet Hai fishing village, May Bau - Military Hospital cave, Kim Giao - Me Con - Tung Di, Kim Giao forest - Ngu Lam peak, or Trung Trang cave - Cau cave. The route through Frog pond to Viet Hai village is the most popular trekking tour to travelers.

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

Trekking in Cat Ba National Park

The trekking tour of Frog pond - Viet Hai village

Cat Ba National Park covers an area of 26,240 hectares so that tourists can buy tickets right at the national park. There are two options for you to choose: from the forest gate to Frog pond which is 4 kilometers long (VND 40,000/person) and from Frog pond to overcome the crags interlacing vines to the fishing village of Viet Hai which is 7 kilometers long (VND 80,000/person).

Before the trekking tour through the forest of Cat Ba, visitors must report to the park management (confirming name, address, and telephone number). It is a precious biosphere reserve with diverse and craggy terrains so the experience in the forest should be strictly controlled. Cat Ba National Park features a mysterious natural beauty, especially with many different ecosystems in the forest: a limestone forest ecosystem in limestone mountains, highland mangrove forests, and mangroves with cave systems which are the home to bats.

The forest trek to Frog pond

Going deeper into the forest, visitors can witness the changes in weather from cold to mists. The roads here are connected in many terrains: from the bamboo forest which is high above the head of a person, the sharp cliffs of the cat ear shape to the green piper lolot field, etc.

To get to Frog pond, explorers have to go through the available signposts such as Anh Rang grade, May Bau peak, or Ang Phay peak, etc. Because of the strict management of the park protects the trekking area, visitors don’t have to be afraid of getting lost. There are many signboards and road signs painted on the cliffs, helping tourists easily go through the mountains and forests in the national park.

The frog pond is considered an exciting destination in the ecological chain of the park with an area of 3.2 hectares. In the dry season, the pond is quite shallow, and trees become more fibrous. The pristine beauty here creates excitement for those who are passionate about ecotourism. A note for visitors when entering this area is that there are a lot of leeches so they should prepare discreet clothes and should not sit in the humid bush.

The remaining distance to Viet Hai village

Viet Hai Village

Viet Hai Village

From Frog pond area, going along the ridge about 4 kilometers, tourists will see a road leading to the fishing village of Viet Hai. This road is more complicated than the first route through the forest with many large and slippery stones, steep slopes, and crooked vines. Climbing over the high mountains, visitors reach the valley with a variety of piper lolot leaves. From here, Viet Hai village gradually appears.

Viet Hai fishing village has created an excellent impression for tourists by following the model of "clean house - beautiful garden." Along the two sides of the roads, people grow hibiscus flowers. Interestingly, the doors here are never locked, and no one pick ripen fruits in other’s houses because there is no thief in the village. Visitors can rent bicycles to visit around and learn about the ancient houses in Viet Hai village.

From Viet Hai fishing village to Cat Hai wharf, travelers should rent an electric car which costs VND 150,000/trip for about ten people. After that, they should call the ships to pick up from Beo wharf which costs VND 500,000/trip.

The trekking tour in Cat Ba National Park through Frog pond to Viet Hai fishing village will bring the unforgettable experience to tourists with the diverse ecosystem and beautiful scenery. If you like the place, don’t hesitate to like and share this with others. Thank you.