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But Islet

Halong Bay is located in the Northeast of Vietnam, belonging to Quang Ninh Province. It is in the coastal area stretching from 1060 56 to 1070 37 east longitude and 200 43 to 210 09 north latitude. To the west and northwest, Halong Bay stretches from Yen Hung District, and includes the large urban areas of Halong City and Cam Pha Town, as well as Van Don Island District. Join tours in Halong bay, you will have opportunity to admire majestic limestone islands, colorful caves, clear water and different shaped islets. In this article, Halong bay tours introduces you one of the famous islet in Halong: But (Pen) islet.

But Islet looks like a pen bobbing in the seawater of Halong Bay and it is also a monument of knowledge of Mother Dragon. The Islet is close to Cat Ba Island, on the way to the "Ba Trái Ðào" (Three Peaches) Island, Halong Bay. After 30-minute boating away from the Con Coc Islet, visitors will be able to see a pen bobbing (Bút Islet) in the seawater.

but islet

The islet constitutes a monument of knowledge Mother Dragon wanted to pass down to the present-day generations. Lying adjacent to the But Islet is a small attractive beach. Tourists can anchor there to take a bath.